GK Quiz on Important Days in July 2019

Aspirants who prepared for the govt examination such as SSC, Banking, Railway or any other competitive exams you should known the importance of days in every month. Here we listed all important days in July Month, Please check out the multiple choice questions before going to take any exams. It is basic to need to practice more gk questions based on trendy subjects/ days or any current issue.

List of Important Days in July 2019

This article is special in the month of July 2019, keep remember the question and answers on any tricky based as your continent. Please share this article with your friends to improve their preparation.

  1. 1st July 2019 is celebrated as:_______
    A. Doctor’s Day
    B. World Health Day
    C. Army Day
    D. Hepatitis Day
  2. National Anisette Day is observed on:______
    A. 2nd July
    B. 6 July
    C. 8 July
    D. 10 July
  3. USA Independence Day Celebrated on:______
    A. 4 July
    B. 10 July
    C. 23 July
    D. 13 July
  4. 11 July is Celebrated as:______
    A. World Heritage Day
    B. World Happiness Day
    C. Earth Day
    D. World Population Day
  5. World Zoonoses Day is Celebrated on:____
    A. 3rd July
    B. 7th July
    C. 6 July
    D. None of the above
  6. Paper Bag day is observed on:_____
    A. 14 July
    B. 16 July
    C. 12 July
    D. 11 July
  7. 18th July is observed as:_____
    A. World Wild Life day
    B. International Nelson Mandela Day
    C. World Teachers Day
    D. World Postal Day
  8. Fourth Thursday in July Month is Celebrated as:____
    A. National Pi Day
    B. National Human Day
    C. National Refreshment Day
    D. World Food Day
  9. Fourth Sunday in July is celebrated as:____
    A. World Thrift Day
    B. World Sight Day
    C. World Postal Office Day
    D. National Parents Day
  10. International Tiger Day (Global Tiger Day) is Celebrated on which day:____
    A. 23 July
    B. 26 July
    C. 29 July
    D. 30 July
  11. Kargil Vijay Diwas (Success of the Operation Vijay) is celebrated on:____
    A. 25 July
    B. 26 July
    C. 28 July
    D. None
  12. 22 July is observed as:____
    A. World Mental Health Day
    B. Pi Day
    C. World Sight Day
    D. World Nature Day
  13. 18 July is observed as:_____
    A. World Peaceful Day
    B. World Teachers Day
    C. International Nelson Mandela Day
    D. National Technology Day
  14. National Simplicity Day is observed on 12th July every year to honour______
    A. Woodow Wilson
    B. Bill Gates
    C. Gandhi
    D. Henry David Thoreau
  15. 28th July is celebrated as:____
    A. Worlds Thyorid Day
    B. World Common Health Day
    C. World Nature Conservation
    D. World Water Day

Answers): 1-A, 2-A , 3-A , 4-D, 5-C, 6-C, 7-B, 8-C, 9-D, 10-D, 11-B, 12-B, 13-C, 14-D, 15-C


  1. 1st July is observed as Doctor’s Day, the National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1 all across India to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Royj and also Postal Workers Day, Chartered Accountants Day, National Gingersnap Day.
  2. 2nd July is observed as National Annisette day and is popular in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.
  3. 6 July is celebrated as World Zoonoses Day every year to emphasize and bring the problem awareness amongst people, and teach them to take right action.
  4. 12 July is observed as Paper Bag Day, because of the importance of paper bags in daily life.

Hope you this will help to your preparation in various competitive exams.